Working in the Smart Zone

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Whether you are a business owner, corporate executive or mid-level manager you can benefit from learning ways to successfully eliminate that which depletes energy and decreases productivity. Working in the Smart Zone is the manual for how to be a top performer and stay focused on your vision of professional and personal success.

In her private practice, Dr. Susan Fletcher often hears people talk about making careless errors and decreasing their effectiveness. This led Susan to identify that everyone has what she calls a Smart Zone, where they are able to work to the best of their ability and improve the business culture to achieve success.

Table of Contents


Foreword xi

Acknowledgements xiii

What is the Smart Zone?3

How to Use This Book 4

PART ONE: Working in the Smart Zone

Chapter 1: The Smart Zone Model and How it Can Work for You 7

The Smart Zone Model 8

The Value of Self-Management Skills 9

Chapter 2: Emotional Intelligence 15

The History of Emotional Intelligence 16

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace 16

Do People With a High EQ Have to Wear Pink? 17

Success is More About EQ Than IQ 21

How EQ Can Be Measured 24

Roadblocks to EQ Development: Know Your Blind Spots 25

Ways to Increase EQ 25

Chapter 3: The Trust Factor 31

Become a Company That Outperforms 32

Trust is Not an Agenda Item 32

Trust is Not a Given 34

The Many Forms of Trust 36

Building the Platform of Trust 36

Chapter 4: Managing Perception 41

Worry is the Mismanagement of Perceptions 42

What is Organizations Value 42

Common Misperceptions at Work 43

Strategies to Manage Perceptions at Work 44

Chapter 5: Communication 47

Communicating with Emotional Competency 48

Communicating with Trust 51

Do People Want to Communicate and do Business With You? 51

Be Snow White in you Organization 52

Chapter 6: Solution Oriented 57

Problem Solving in the Smart Zone 58

Problem Focused or Solution Oriented? 59

Chapter 7: Managing Stress 65

Shaking the Work Debris 66

Leaving the Stress at the Office 66

The Bucket Theory of Stress 67

Is There Such a Thing as Good Stress? 70

Redefine Yourself 70

Chapter 8: Mental Theater 73

Negative Drama Out 74

Filling in the Middle Parts 74

Using GPS Thinking in Mental Theater 76

Triangles are (Unfortunately) Easy to Create 77

You Are in Charge of Your Own Mental Theater 77

Don’t Imagine People in Their Underwear 78

Chapter 9: Managing Change 81

When No Control Brings About Change 82

The Value of Operational Agility 82

Adaptability is an Important Secret to Success 83

Chapter 10: Managing Mood 87

Optimism and the Yuck Factor 88

Characteristics of an Optimis 88

Improving Optimism 89

Contributing to Profitability with Happiness 90

Chapter 11: Sanity Sustained 95

There is No Such Thing as Balancing Work and Family Life 96

The Sleep Test 96

Living a Life of Integrity97

Living a Life of Responsibility 98

Living a Life of Managing Energy and Attention 99

Chapter 12: Likeability103

The Real Reason People Leave Organizations 104

Leadership vs. Social Competency 104

When Someone is Unlikeable 105

The Four Factors of Likeability 106

Adding to Likeability 106

Chapter 13: The Smart Zone Secret 109

Take the Focus Off of Yourself 110

Extend the Smart Zone Secret 111

The Importance of the Smart Zone Secret 112


PART TWO: The Smart Zone Life Plan

Chapter 14: What is a Smart Zone Life Plan? 119

The Steps in the Life Plan 120

Summary of Smart Zone Competencies 130

Chapter 15: Smart Zone Plan Original Worksheets131

Chapter 16: 6 Competencies for a Business Person in the Smart Zone161

Business Management 163

Business Skill Management 164

Business Relationship Management 166

Business Daily Management 168

Chapter 17: 8 Competencies for a Smart Zone Lifestyle 169

Self-Management 171

Health Management 172

Relationship Management173

Fitness Management 174

Skill Management 175

Emotion Management 176

Financial Management 177

Daily Management 178

Chapter 18: Smart Zone Thinking 179

Looking Back: Faulty Thinking 180

Moving Forward: Smart Zone Thinking 180

How to Think with Empathy- No Wimpathy 181

The Empathy Quiz 182

My First Day Working for Dr. Phil 182

Chapter 19: Accountability Mechanisms 187

What to Consider When it Comes to Accountability 188

Ways to Build Accountability in the Workplace 188

How to Know When You are Not Getting the Value 189

Chapter 20: Intentional Success 191

What is Intentional Success 192

Eliminating Toxic Influences 192

Getting in the Flow 194

The Smart Sandwich Way to Communicate 196

What Really Means to Get Engaged 199

Chapter 21: My Day/Week in the Smart Zone 201

Sample Profile 204

Original Smart Zone Worksheet 206

Chapter 22: Generation Smart Zone 209

Table of Generational Differences 210

How to Work with a Traditionalist 211

How to Work with a Baby Boomer 211

How to Work with a Gen X’er 211

How to Work with a Millenial/Gen Y’er211

Chapter 23: A Crisis is a Terrible Thing to Waste 213

Life is What Happens When You Plan for Something Else 214

The Reward of Resiliency 215

It’s All in How You Think and Respond 217


PART THREE: The Ultimate Smart Moves  

Chapter 24: Top 25 Smart Lifetime Goals221

My Goals for You 222

Your Goals for Yourself 227

Chapter 25: Catalog of Accomplishments 229

Catalog of Personal Accomplishments 232

Catalog of Professional Accomplishments 233

Chapter 26: The Smart Zone Inventory 235

Organizations in the Smart Zone 236

List of Action Steps to Get in the Smart Zone 238

Chapter 27: “What I Know For Sure” Exercise239

Chapter 28: Letter to Smart Zone Significants 243

Chapter 29: Clinical Issues in the Workplace 245

Depression 246

Anxiety 248

Bipolar Disorder 250

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) 251

Substance Abuse 252

Chapter 30: Final Words for Working in the Smart Zone 255

Glossary 259

About the Author 267

About Smart Zone Solutions268

References 269

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    • Publisher: Smart Zone Solutions; 1st edition (January 1, 2008)
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Progressive leaders and managers of dynamic companies will appreciate Working in the Smart Zone. Dr. Fletcher’s book shows you how to develop the emotional intelligence and leadership qualities critical to surviving in the management world. I recommend Smart Zone training for all executives and boards of directors serious about improving the leadership skills in their company. –Mark Roddenberry, CEO, CD Federal Credit Union

Each of us struggles with how to deliver our best performance at all times. Dr. Fletcher delivers a common sense approach to an age old challenge of how to balance our personal life with our work life in a way that is humorous and insightful. This book is a MUST LEARN for all! –Konnie Espanet, Technology Services Senior Manager, BNSF Railway

Working in the Smart Zone is totally relatable! It is for everyone that wants synergy in their work and home life. –Barbara Haas, Executive Administrator, ARFF Working Group

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