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Since 2007, Dr. Fletcher has published her eNewsletter and Online Blog providing the kind of content that leads people to action.  As the author of two books, Parenting in the Smart Zone and Working in the Smart Zone, she provides the strategies you need at home and at work.  Both books are currently available in paperback with eBook versions available very soon.

With her newest offering of Online Courses, Dr. Fletcher has the opportunity to bring you deeper content relevant for many relationship needs and clinical topics. Her first Online Course, How to Keep Your Children Emotionally Healthy in Your Divorce, is available for immediate download.

Additional eBooks and Online Courses covering other clinical topics will be announced first to those who subscribe to her eNewsletter.

Parenting in the Smart Zone

Paperback Book

$14.95 plus S&H

Working in the Smart Zone

Paperback Book

$24.95 plus S&H

How To Keep Your Children Emotionally Healthy in Your Divorce

eCourse (Immediate Download)