You fear that your children will forever
be ruined by the fact that their
parents are divorcing.


You also know that your children have been negatively impacted
by the environment that your strained marriage has created.

You may have even said out loud:

“If it weren’t for my children, I would have left my marriage ages ago.”

As a practicing psychologist,

I know what it takes to keep your children emotionally healthy through a divorce.

Whether you‘ve made the difficult decision to end your marriage yourself or the decision has been made for you, I created this online course to help YOU navigate your way through the process and, at the same time, support your children in the healthiest way possible.

This online video training is for you whether:

✔ You are considering a divorce or have been told by your spouse that it is happening

✔ You have already decided to divorce but haven‘t implemented it yet

✔ You have already filed for divorce and are in the process of negotiations

What we’ll cover in our first hour together:

✔ How to emotionally prepare for a divorce

✔ Ways to safeguard your children

✔ How the reasons you are divorcing may affect your children

✔ How the implementation of the decision to divorce matters

✔ Suggestions for the timing as it relates to the needs of your children

✔ What goes into the decision to use an attorney and how it affects your children

Then, receive my guidance on talking to your children:

✔ Do we tell our children all at the same time?

✔ How much do we tell them?

✔ Should we talk to them together or separately?

✔ What questions are my children likely to ask?

✔ What do we tell a 4 year old compared to what we should tell a teenager?

✔ When is the best time to talk with them?

✔ What if they ask a question I don‘t want to answer?

✔ Do we give them details?

Whether your divorce is already in process or it happened years ago,

there are ways to respond to your children when they are

having difficulties understanding or accepting.

You‘ll learn what you need to know in these training and bonus materials

to be fully prepared to keep your children emotionally healthy.

In this video class you will get the information you need as you cope with the decision yourself.

Enroll now and you can have immediate access

to both videos for only $279.95

Here‘s what I tell parents who are wanting to do the best job possible

when it comes to keeping their kids emotionally healthy during a divorce:

“I’m working for your children.

They just are not writing the check.”

Divorce is difficult, especially when it involves children.

By taking my online class you will learn how to

keep your children emotionally healthy in your divorce.

In this class you will get the information you need

as you cope with the decision yourself.

Enroll now and you can have

immediate access to both videos

for only $279.95

Disclaimer: The information provided in this eCourse is for educational purposes only. A doctor patient relationship does not exist because you choose to take this online course. To make an appointment with Dr. Fletcher, you can contact her office at 972 6121188 or we encourage you to make an appointment with another emotional health provider in your area.